Information Security

We Defend Your Business Security

Cyber security is becoming increasingly important for businesses to prioritize as cyber threats become more sophisticated and devastating. Keep your data and IT infrastructure safe with cyber security measures and sleep soundly knowing you’re protected. It is incredibly difficult and expensive to both find and then retain the right security expertise to keep your business secure.

The best way to overcome the struggle of staying secure is to outsource your cyber security to an IT Partner with a knowledgeable and experienced security team who are on hand to keep your business secure.

Security Design and implementation

Security products generally will fall into these three security elements: Protection, Detection and Response. An effective security strategy will require security technologies of these three security elements to be properly selected and implemented. Depending on your unique security needs, we help you select, design and implement appropriate security technologies.
Our Consultants will hold meeting with key people in your company to identify the company's assets and to understand the security requirements and concerns. We will then attempt to identify the threats to your network and evaluate their associated risks. Once all the threats and risks are identified, we will help you to select the best possible security measures fitting your requirements and proceed to the Implementation phase.

Security Assessment

The goal of a security assessment (also known as a security audit, security review, or network assessment), is to ensure that necessary security controls are integrated into the design and implementation of a project or existing infrastructure. Security assessment provides documentation outlining any security gaps between the design and current status and approved corporate security policies. Management can address security gaps in three ways: Management can decide to cancel the project or wipe out the source of risk, allocate the necessary resources to correct the security gaps, or accept the risk based on an informed risk/reward analysis.