ICT Infrastructure

We help you design, implement and maintain your ICT equipments including Networking, Collaboration, Servers, Storages, UPS, Virtualization, etc...

ICT Hardware and Networking

We help you define required equipment to utilize your ICT solutions with the most efficient and smart technologies. We provide:

  • Servers

  • Storages

  • Networking

  • UPS

  • Cabling

  • Cabinets

Managed IT Professional Services

As our vision, we are committed to deliver support and maintenance for our customers and for already running environment customers. So this include what we sell and what you bought from other providers. Including software like operating systems, virtualization infrastructure, database engines, ERP systems and others. Besides all types of hardware even which is out of support from the original vendor. The data center equipment is our major specialization like servers, storages, information security, physical security, networking, UPSs and Environment monitoring systems. 

ITIL: The Beginner's Guide to Processes & Best Practices - BMC ...

Virtualization Infrastructure

Virtualization is now the default approach for all datacenters, it reduces the down time and administration efforts enormously. beside the huge minimization of both capital and operation costs.

We are partnering with VMware which is the largest vendor for virtualization and private cloud solutions.

Private Cloud services

Private cloud refers to a model of cloud computing where IT services are provisioned over Private IT infrastructure for the dedicated use of a single organization. A private cloud is usually managed via internal resources. The terms private cloud and virtual private cloud (VPC) are often used interchangeably.

We are promoting VMware and Redhat OpenStack as the most advanced private cloud solutions.